Tuesday, June 05, 2012

the house

our house.

our OLD house.

the house we no longer own.

it's no longer ours.

we no longer live there.

i honestly haven't allowed myself to sit and process the events of the past year in regards to the house. i think i might have a breakdown at some point.  because really....

it is all


we owned a home.  our first home.  i got fired.  we lost our home.  our first home.

and it has been an AWFUL experience.  a horribly, awful, experience.

i have a lot to say about the people who bought our house in the auction. 

the real estate agents who bought our house in the auction.

A LOT to say.

and now that we're officially out of our home, i will be saying them. 

but not right now. 

right now, my toe hurts.  my feet are pained.  my fingers cramped and fingertips bruised.

and i'm tired. 

but i'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY happy.

our new rental is SUPER cute- very light, airy and pretty.  and everything i've decorated so far looks a bajillion times prettier here than it ever did in the house we owned. 

have i mentioned how truly kind and wonderful our landlords are? 



Jill said...

I know you don't want to hear this right now but sometimes things work in mysterious ways. Early on when you bought that house you said. Well, I am not super fond of it and the array of things found outback and other things. Even thought you suffered finacially and BOA sucks (I FULLY agree with you)maybe in some way the powers that be didn't want you there. We make decisions about life and sometimes there wrong for us but somehow, some way they manage to get us back on the right track even if we aren't happy about it, in the begininng. Just random Virgo thoughts. You know how we are!

Kristabella said...

I'm glad it is working out! You deserve some good things to happen to you!

Anonymous said...

Hey ster its tray...I'm so happy you love the new place...and as mentioned you were never a huge fan of your own house. This give you freedom too...you are not forced to stay there (except for a year lol) but if needed you can go where you want. This is a great opportunity for you guys and I'm so happy its working out. Call me later...love you! Xoxo

NancyC said...

I am glad that you are happy with the new place and so happy they took the puppies too. Somehow all will work out.

Hugs to you.

Davis said...

Hey, I've been there. I'm sorry and it DOES get better.