Monday, May 21, 2012

talk about leaving y'all hanging

so... in regards to the house.

we've lost it.

it's official.

the auction is legal and we did not have a course of action.  i did speak to a real estate attorney, but our goal was NOT to keep the house.  i mean, we had resigned to losing it in the first place-  so the reality was... what were we fighting for?  that Bank of America sucks huge donkey balls and they are negligent and horrible people?!  sure.  but how do you put a financial $$$ price on that? 

how do you put a financial price on your credit score dropping from what would be a short sale to a foreclosure?

basically, the guy said it wouldn't be worth it. it would probably cost us more money and time to fight this- than what we were fighting for.  it would be one thing if we were fighting their negiligence to keep the house and we had lost it.

but we weren't.

so there is nothing we can really do.

was bofa in the wrong?  absolutely.  is the company completely screwed up?  yes.  did they give conflicting information?  yes.  did they NOT do something they said they were going to do?  yes.

so now we move on.

we've found ONE place (literally) that would allow us to take the dogs, so we're desperately hoping to sign a lease on it tomorrow.  it's been more than stressful the last couple of weeks.

my advice to you if you are going through this?  make sure you know 100% that your short sale specialist IS putting the postponment through for your auction date.  make sure your realtor gives you ACCURATE information in a timely manner.  and make sure you have a contact at the bank to talk to. 

it's been horrible.

but i'm so fucking over it.

i cannot wait for this chapter to FINALLY be closed so i can move the fuck on already.  i'm so sick of this limbo, crappy real estate, horrible bank, bullshit.

i can't wait to move.  i wish it was so cal, but that's another post.

but really, i can't wait to get out of this house!  :)


Anonymous said...

I was really getting worried about you and your family. i am so sorry it all ended up this way,it just seems so unfair. I am glad you did find a place that will let you keep your dogs though,I wish you all the best in your new home.

Riann said...

It will get better!