Thursday, May 03, 2012

at 11am the house goes to AUCTION

i think i told y'all that i got a notice on the front door about the house going into auction, the day we had our HUGE open house? 

the auction date was set for may 3rd at 11:00am.

today is may 3rd.

it's almost 11:00am.

as of right now, they still haven't POSTPONED the auction.

even though we've accepted an offer on our house. we're doing a short sale.


i've been dealing with this for the last 2 weeks. they said they couldn't make a postponment decision until monday, april 30th.  that was 3 days ago.  and a decision still hasn't been made.  and the house is still on the auction list.


do i go to the courthouse today and watch as someone bids on my house???  why haven't they freaking postponed it??

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