Friday, April 13, 2012

we accepted an offer

okay! so we accepted an offer for our house on Tuesday night. It is now Friday. Our auction date is on May 3rd. That's coming up rather quickly, wouldn't you say?

I'm starting to get a little freaked out. I have NO IDEA where we're going to go. I mean, i've been looking for a house to rent that will take our TWO! BIG! DOGGIES! but um... it's a little hard.

I know it will all work out, but omg, what if it doesn't?!?! what if we have to leave our house and we have nowhere to go- WHERE DO WE GO???


where would we go?

that's a little scary.

this part really fucking sucks.

know what else sucks? that to do the short sale, we have to give them a shit load of paperwork... AGAIN. i'm SO TIRED of providing the SAME EXACT paperwork to the bank over and over and over again. it's freaking irritating.

2 months bank statements
2 months paycheck stubs
last 2 years tax returns
write a harship letter

argh mc argh-er-son.

i really hope they accept the short sale and delay the foreclosure and the auction date. plus, i'd really like the family whose offer we accepted to be able to get the home. you know?

okay.. carry on with your friday. :)

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