Wednesday, April 04, 2012

pillow talk

no really, i need to talk about pillows.

i swear we've had this conversation before- but it was probably 5 years ago.

people, i'm freaking dying at night. i don't want to go to bed because i know how uncomfortable i'll be. my pillow- IT HURTS MY HEAD AND MY NECK. i have a tempurpedic mattress topper, and i have 2 pretty expensive pillows to choose from.

they both suck.

they both hurt.

i wake up with splitting headaches i can't cure. literally.

i sleep on my back and my side.

HELP ME! do you sleep on your back or your side? lol what pillow do you use? do you love it? have you ever had pillow issues and you had to get a new pillow because your head hurt every morning????

for reals people- this is a huge problem. if i can't sleep throughout the night and then wake up in pain all day- well, i'm going to be a really miserable person to live with at some point. lol



IzzyMom said...

I use a child-sized memory foam pillow because the adult ones were so fat and uncomfortable. I ordered it online somewhere.

But if you are waking up with headaches, that is, in my experience a tension headache. They tend to be ongoing until you can break the muscle tension cycle.

I know you asked for a pillow, but I suggest a deep tissue massage or two and a few adjustments with a good chiropractor.

For me, it's how I sit at my desk that causes the chronic tension. It goes from my shoulders all the way up my neck up into my cranial muscles. I can, at times, actually feel tender muscles on my head above my ears.

A good pillow will def help but if tension is the cause, a massage can make a huge difference.

Hope you feel better, dollface XO

Nyt said...

FWIW... I had the same issues a few years ago. I had always purchased "firm" pillows believing that I needed the support. The memory foam pillows? Hated them! I was so miserable that I swung the pendulum the other way and bought a super soft & squishy pillow. I had a theory that I would naturally re-arrange the darn thing in my sleep. Oddly, it worked. Apparently, I go to sleep on my back and then move from side to side during the night re-arranging as I go... Who knew??