Monday, April 09, 2012

It's short sale time!

Okay- i know there are quite a few of you who have been following along on my house journey. and i know i tend to keep y'all hanging for months on end, but it's just that nothing is going on during that time. except for me stressing about WHEN bad things are going to start happening and the waiting. good lord, the W-A-I-T-I-N-G.

that's the worst part.

we officially put our house on the market this past friday. on saturday morning, i awoke to a notice of TRUSTEE SALE on my door. which means, the house has an auction date. the date is set for may 3rd, which is exactly 1 year since we stopped paying our mortgage.

our realtor says she should be able to stop the auction date because we have offers on our house. we'll accept one of the offers and then send it off to the bank.

i think pushing the auction date is easier than stopping the actual foreclosure process. i guess we'll see.

things i did in regards to putting the house up for short sale:
-did not allow a lock box on the house since we still live here and we have dogs. i never thought about it when i walked through other people's homes to see if we wanted to buy it. but it's sort of invasive to have people in your things. looking at your bed, your photos, your stuff. i don't like it. so i insisted on being here when/if people were coming by. and that has been another adventure all on its own!
-did not allow a huge "for sale" sign in our yard. that shit is embarrassing and i don't want to have to answer all the neighbors questions. i feel like we just moved here for pete's sake!

there have been HUGE amounts of traffic in our house. it's listed for $175,000 LESS than we bought it for. and when we bought it, we thought we got a great deal. *suckers* on friday i had 21 appointments to view the house. on saturday i had about half of that. my phone won't stop ringing today and i'm so over this i can't even tell you.

so that's where we're at. short sale. we choose/accept an offer tomorrow to send over to the bank. and then i'll let you know how that goes- what happens, etc.

any questions? feel free to ask them in the comments and i'll do my best to answer anything i can. i think comments are the best cause you might have a question that someone else wants to know too. :)

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