Thursday, April 05, 2012

i'm fixin to talk a little shit


listen, it's one thing if you don't like my book. which, trust me, plenty of you haven't. and that's fine. i swear. *pinky swear*

i have A LOT to learn still! i wrote a book because i wanted too. because my guts were SCREAMING at me to get it out- to tell this story- to start writing it. and once i started, i couldn't stop. i love my story. i love my characters. could i have written it better- of course!!!! a bajillion times, OF COURSE! but i didn't know then, what i know now. and i promise to write each book better and better and better! i promise to grow. :)

moving on to my point... which is this; i think it's incredibly classless when a fellow indie author gives another writer a shitty review- or a 1 star (which means "i didn't like it") on a public site.

i don't give a shit if you didn't like my book. i honestly don't care if you thought it was the worst thing you've ever read in your life. or if i'm so talentless, you ask yourself how i even know how to turn on a computer each morning...

simply put- i think it's in extremely poor taste to say how little you liked another writer's work. especially when you (of all people) know how much goes into writing and telling a story. listen, i've read plenty of books by my fellow indie writer's that i haven't liked. plenty of stories that have been BLATANT rip offs of other works- whether it's movies or books. but i would NEVER go so far as to give them a 1 star rating, or a shitty review. my policy is, if i don't like a book by a fellow indie author, i won't rate it at all. if i don't have something positive and glowing to say- then i don't.

it's just how i am. pretty much if i don't have anything nice to say, i won't say anything at all.
i'm not in the business of tearing other writer's down or making them feel bad about what they've written.

also, i'm not necessarily their target audience- i'm a peer.

i understand that this particular author was simply being honest. i totally get that and don't have a problem that they didn't like my book. it's not about that. i think i'm offended that i consider this a profession and.... i don't know.... i just wouldn't do that to another author because i think it's extremely rude. and unprofessional in a way.

and holy hell, when have i ever used the word unprofessional?!? omg, what is happening to me?

so yeah- i'm shutting up now.. but i'll end things on a positive note.
i've met SO MANY fantastic and amazing indie authors. they are an incredible group of people for the most part- who are more than willing to help one another and give each other a boost. i never knew this world existed until i became a part of it. i am so grateful for the good ones. :)

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