Tuesday, April 17, 2012

i JUST got an iphone. suck it

i don't wanna hear your crap about how late i am to the game and how could i ONLY be getting an iphone now... just hear me out.

it's pissing me off. see, i had an android for the last 2 years- and you know what, i like the android platform A LOT. you can download a ton of things so that your phone will look the way you want it. i really liked the customization of the android.

but this phone? this freaking apple (aka, we own you) phone? sure, i can customize it- as long as it's under THEIR guidelines. which sucks. i don't like the way it looks. it irritates me.

i want a clock widget. not a clock wallpaper. a widget. that just lives on the top of my main home screen. like my old phone.

and this clock!

why is that so hard? why doesn't apple have a freaking widget that you can download and put on your phone? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

also- i want a freaking calendar that looks like my old one. i want to see what i have coming up. but NO. stupid apple doesn't have that either.
i want this calendar hot on my iphone

these stupid phones have been around for years- you mean to tell me that NO ONE wants the simple things that i do????

and please don't get me started on the whole non ability to lock individual apps/folders. in android, you could lock your contacts seperate from your phone. you could lock your email. you could lock your text messages. you could lock whatever you CHOSE to lock- because it's YOUR phone.

i am completely security paranoid and want my contacts locked. i want my emails locked. i want my settings locked. but i can only lock my phone. which is stupid.

anyone "jailbreak" their iphone? does it screw it all up? should i do it? lol should i take the phone back?

i'm seriously about to lose my mind. i sort of heart the android system.

but on a positive note- facetime totally rules!!!!!


Parp said...

These are all the reasons why I am still holding out! and In my family....that is VERY hard. I love most all things apple--but I love my phone more. I use it almost every minute for theater work and I would't be able to do half the stuff I do now as efficiently or fast if I had an iPhone--trust me I wish sometimes I did have an iPhone--usually they have better apps.....but until you can customize the screen and multitask like android---android I will stay.

ster said...

yeah- and see you guys are all ipads, imacs, ipod havers. i literally have an ipod and that's it. i don't even WANT a mac or an ipad..

i am seriously going to take this phone back. i think the android platform is way better and i can't handle this phone. facetime is the coolest, but that's it. i don't feel like i NEED the iphone- but i NEED my android apps and customization.

Stephenie said...

I have an HTC Inspire and love the damn thing to death! :)