Monday, April 16, 2012

chance encounters coming THURSDAY!!!!!

i'm really excited to tell you that my 2nd book will be LIVE and IN PERSON (lol) on Thursday! at least, live in the e-book sense. the paperback store will be delayed a week or so.

i'm getting really excited becuase the early feedback is super positive and people are really getting out of the story what i wanted them to when i wrote it.

i worked really hard on this. i mean, i struggled with the edits. my editor pushed and pushed me to write better (she's a goddess)- and i did. and the results are really great. i think it's a HUGE jump in writing from my first book to this one.

and i'm really proud of that. :)

and that means that Before the Dreams will be even MORE awesome than I ever imagined!!!!

so i'm getting antsy for thursday. and i just really hope that everyone who reads this love story, enjoys it. :)

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