Thursday, April 05, 2012

the best books you aren't reading (but should be)

Since becoming a writer. Yes, let's call myself a writer instead of author. Author sounds so professional and insinuates that the person doing the writing actually knows what the hell they're doing.

I clearly, have no clue what I'm doing.

Anyway- since i've started writing books, i've read more than i've ever read in my life! I mean, i've always read books, but now I feel like if i'm not writing, i'm reading. And I have found some seriously amazing books by other Indie Authors. They're authors. I'm just a writer. lol

Are you reading these books? If you're not- you should be. Because they're awesome. And the women who write them are even MORE awesome! Just when I thought i'd found everyone in the world I was going to love- i've gone and fallen for these super fun, rad personalitied, awesome story-telling chicks! There's always room in my life for more girls! who! rock! :) <3

The Star Crossed Series by my seperated at birth, dialogue writing sister-friend, Rachel Higginson. You should start with the first book. It's free!!!! How can you not read a free book? Well, it could suck. But this series... doesn't suck! lol

And then there's this book. Which holy crap- not only and I in love with the characters, i'm in love with their author too. She likes when I say things like that about her. You should be reading Slammed by Colleen Hoover. seriously, you need to read this book. you won't be sorry. it's amazing. truly.

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