Friday, March 02, 2012

Hearst Castle!

My mom came down for a visit and we drove along the coast to Monterey and then to Hearst Castle. I've grown up in Southern California my whole life and i've NEVER been to either of these places. Hearst Castle is more North and Monterey is way more North. lol

Anyway, it was AWESOME! Monterey is ADORABLE and Hearst Castle is STUNNING! I want to live in one of the guest houses forever. Or at least until my Malibu Beach House is ready for me to move into. :)

Me and my mommy in front of the Neptune pool!
ster & mommy-ster at the neptune pool

This was one of my favorite statues on the grounds...
statue at hearst castle

This is the view of the Pacific and the town of San Simeon from the top of the castle grounds. Stunning!

Just another statue- he's so cute! :)
one of the many statues

This is one of the guest homes facing the mountains. I think it's called a "hill view" home. They are adorable and I want an ocean facing one! Clearly i'm easy to please. lol
one of the guest homes at hearst

How cute is this? She's holding a frog with a crown in the palm of her hand and she stands at the very top of a 3 tiered fountain.
statue at hearst castle- she is holding her frog prince

This gorgeous statue is located inside the indoor movie theatre. And when I say movie theatre, I mean it. Mr. Hearst didn't have a small screening room- it was a HUGE theatre lined with probably 20 of these statues.
Movie theatre statue

This is the entrance to the Neptune pool...the most stunning pool in someone's "home" i've ever seen.
Neptune pool entrance

There were fountains ALL over the grounds. They were awesome. everything was awesome! lol
one of the many fountains

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Grand Pooba said...

Wow, those are amazing photos! You and your mom are so cute!