Wednesday, February 01, 2012

it's so weird!

it's just weird the things people will accept without question, versus the things they won't. i guess it has to do with personal experience- what they think they "know" to be true, as opposed to what "can't possibly" be.

does this make any sense?

okay- i read a book the other day (it was The Deepest Cut by J.A. Templeton) and some of the reviews were complaining about how the love story happened way too quickly. and why did all of YA books have this aspect of falling in love lickity split? but what made me laugh was that the love story was between a girl and a ghost. so i loved how it was perfectly acceptable for her to love a ghost, but it wasn't acceptable for her to love him so fast.



people are funny.

and picky.

the other thing- so many women in their late 20's and early 30's are reading young adult books. which is awesome, cause personally, i prefer to read them too, so i totally get it. but then, those women are the ones who write and complain about how things are "cliche" or how they hate the "dialogue", or why was everything "SOOOOO intense right off the bat" or how "annoying" it is that all the characters are "gorgeous".... etc etc etc..

and it takes everything in me to NOT remind those people that they are CHOOSING to read books that aren't written for them. and instead of making broad generalizations about how all the YA authors are the same, maybe they should stop reading YA books and start reading Adult ones? It's just funny how easy it is for people to blame every writer, instead of possibly looking within and realizing that maybe they've outgrown some YA literature. all the stuff they bitch and complain about, the teenagers love and enjoy. the teenagers can relate to that stuff. and hello, when you're a teenage girl- things happen fast! you fall in love FAST! you fall in love HARD! you think about the consequences later!

anyway. lol

it's funny the things people argue about in regards to my book. the things people try to CONVINCE others can't possibly be true- the things they question- the behaviors they call "unrealistic"... oh, if they only knew how much of that book was based on true events. most of the things people complain about and would probably bet their life couldn't be true- actually happened. so to me, it's all so ironic. it's weird what people refuse to believe in. i guess we're all shaped by our experiences.

things that have never happened to us before, or to anyone we know, might seem far fetched and unbelievable. but that doesn't mean they are.

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