Wednesday, February 15, 2012


i went to san diego last week. that's why i've been MORE mia than usual. crappiest part? i took like ZERO photos.

we were so busy running around and doing things, that we really didn't take any pics together. i took plenty of pics of the property- which was stupid amazing by the way. but there are like NO pics of us girls together.

suck major.

the only ones i did take of all of us together were with my phone. double major suck.

opposite of amazeballs. argh.

oh well, here are some pretty pics.

this is the view from the balcony outside of my bedroom. it overlooks the main pool- but you can't really see it

and this is a pic of our villa. i swear it's not "pink"... the smaller garage door is for our golf cart!

another shot of the pool area FROM the pool area! :)

oh yeah, i updated my book cover too for the kindle! it's way more fun now! :)

NEW! Cover for Kindle!

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*PerfectlyImperfect* said...

I LOVE the new cover.....It's PERFECT!!!! :)