Monday, January 23, 2012

Should i UNPUBLISH my book?

I'm seriously weighing the options on whether or not I should unpublish In Dreams and get a professional edit done?

I know that it might be a little late since the book has already been around for months and there have been a lot of downloads lately, BUT I am beginning to think that I will have more success with it if I take it down now and fix it.

So on 1 hand, i'm sitting here thinking, "I should unpublish it... pay an ungodly amount to an editor and then republish it with a note saying it's been edited and updated. Maybe then people will hate it less?"

But on the other hand, i'm also thinking, "The women who are really bashing it aren't my target audience anyway. And everyone who has been in my target audience, has loved the story and hasn't complained about the things the older women are complaining about."

But is that any excuse to leave the book in the shape it's in when I know it can be fixed? I hate the thought of having a crappy book on the market, when I know I don't "have" to.

I know it was my first book. I know it needs a lot of work. I want to make a living writing books. And I know that going forward, I will have to pay for a professional editor. There is no way around that anymore. If I want to put out the best work that I can, I owe it to myself to have my work professionally handled. Plus, I want to put out good books- and if In Dreams is any indication to my potential appeal to a broader audience- well then it's clear... I lack appeal. lol

I think my biggest fear in regards to hiring an editor is that they won't understand my vision, or get where my story is coming from. I don't want my story to change. I don't want what i'm trying to convey to get lost in the quest for a "professionally" done piece. I can't tell you how much I genuinely LOATHE people trying to put me in a box that says "one size fits all."

I don't want to be generic.

I'm not trying to please publishing houses and this isn't a quest to sign a big book deal.

I just want to tell the stories my heart wants to tell, in the way my heart wants to tell them. I guess I just fear that my heart will get lost somewhere in an editor's personal opinion or style/taste/preference. Is that a crazy concern?

I'm straying (per usual)... so I wonder what's the best thing to do? Unpublish and polish the book? Or leave it as is?

Ugh my gut is SCREAMING at me to unpublish it and fix it. I want to feel like what i've put out there is the best it can be- and right now, it's clearly not.



Loree said...

An idea for you...have it professionally edited. Then ask the editors for a copy of their notes...if they don't automatically give them to you. Then use their notes for future use and books...that way you only have to pay once...use it as a springboard. Hope this are FABULOUS! And Baby T agrees!

Jill said...

Stop being a Virgo and leave it be. Your older version knows its going to bug you or if you can't stand it do what Loree said but you are way overthinking this because as you said this is NOT your target audience. What did you get 3 or 4 bad reviews out of 25??? Jenn you will never please every single person out there, you can't. If you redo this I think your just going to confuse people.

I can't wait until you get the point in life where you say "know what, I wrote this from the heart, its good, I like it and the majority LOVE it. Again some people are never going to like it, even if you do FIX it, they will bitch about the fact you did fix it.

Veronica Mordem said...

Hey Jen,

This is a tough call...should you have it edited? If it really bothers you to the point of not enjoying life, you may want to consider having it professionally edited. I agree with what Jill said about not pleasing everyone though, but I guess the real question is...are you pleased? If you are not pleased with your work, then having it edited may be the direction to go in. Either way, you never know what the consequences will be, but sometimes you just got to go with your gut.

I remember reading about one successful indie author who published 3 kindle books at once, instead of just one. In other words, if you have 3 published at the same time on Amazon and you do a kindle book freebie with thousands of downloads...people can then buy one of your other books after they've read and downloaded the free one :)

Stay strong,


ster said...

i guess the MAIN and REAL question is- is the book really edited so poorly that my target audience can't read it, or get through it? or are there certain people who simply can't get invested in a story, if the editing isn't 100% perfect?
i'm wondering from those who did read it- did grammar errors stand out to you? did you find yourself unable to read and focus on the story because you were too busy being distracted by my shitty writing and my even shittier editing? LOL

Jill said...

No, it did not distract me at all and since I am not Ms. English grammer specialist or the sentence construction police.I did not notice I was so invested in the characters