Monday, January 09, 2012

public service announcement regarding MY cell phone

dear world,

just because i choose to own a cell phone, does not mean that i am obligated to be at your beckon call.

my owning a cell phone does mean that i must answer it when you decide to call me. it also does not mean that i am required to respond to any text message, voice mail, or missed call within YOUR allotted time frame.

it is my cell phone.

it is my life.

it is my personal time.

it is my choice.

just because i can be reached, does not mean that i want to be.

and that my friends, is my mother fucking prerogative.

if i don't feel like answering the phone, i won't. if i don't see your text in the amount of time that you wanted me too, sucks for you.

my phone is not attached to my hip. i often leave it in rooms where i'm not. it's upstairs, i'm down. it's in the kitchen and i'm nowhere near the kitchen.

ooooh, how dare i.

the thing is... while there are many things i love about cell phones, there are a few that i don't. and it's mostly the fact that everyone thinks you should be reachable and available at all times... in their time frame... on their schedule.

but you know what? if you're one of those people- that's your problem.

no one is obligated to be available to anyone at all times. unless they choose to be. (or unless they work for you, you pay for their cell phone and have made it clear that they are your bitch.) but other than that- it's time for a reality check.

i don't give a shit that you can call me when you want, text me when you decide to, or want answers the exact moment you send me a question.

sometimes, i don't want to talk on the phone. sometimes, i don't want to deal with text messages. sometimes, i'm not even thinking about my cell phone (ooooh, the horror). when the most important people in my life are sitting next to me on the couch, i may not care whose calling my cell.

and that's my choice. because owning a cell phone does mean that i'm required to give you anymore of my time if i don't want too.

it's just weird how much we expect of others... especially when i can remember a time when there were no such thing as cell phones. there were .10 cent pay phones. and people called your house- and you didn't know who was calling. and when you weren't home, they left messages on your answering machine... the machine that recorded them with cassette tapes. tapes. and all of those people who had to wait however long it took for you to get home listen to their message and then call them back when you choose too- they all lived.

and you will too.

i won't apologize for not being at your beckon call.

i may not answer when you call (and if you call from a PRIVATE number, you can rest assured that 100% of the time, i will not answer), i may not respond to your text for hours, i may not listen to your voice mail for days (haven't we established how much i hate voice mails already?).

that's just the way i choose to be when it comes to my cell. speaking of, i better go find it. no clue where it is. ha


carrie said...

I feel exactly the same way! EXACTLY! ;)

norcalgirl28 said...

The only people I expect to get back to me in a reasonable time are my husband and my son and that is only if I have a question. If I just called to say hi I don't care if they ever call back.

Jill said...

I want to use this I SO AGREE! There issue not mine, don't like it, don't friggen call me. And I DON'T TEXT period...that is all!

ster said...

carrie- YES! lol

norcal- totally agree. hubby and kid aside.

jill- LOL- i love the i don't text period!

nancy said...

so agree i never have my cell phone near me at home and i rarly anwser it. leave me a message and i will eventually get back to you. frustrates everyone but me.

Anonymous said...

preach it sista...amen! Jade

NancyC said...

I am so with you on this!