Friday, January 13, 2012

my book is FREE today!

hey everyone! you know by now that i've written and self published my first Young Adult Paranormal Romance!!! well, all day today, FRIDAY THE 13TH it is **FREEEEE** on amazon! as far as i know, you can get it on any of the amazon sites (italy, spain, UK, germany, etc).

so if you have a kindle. or you have the kindle app like i do on my android phone, you can download a copy of my book, IN DREAMS for *FREE* all day today!

it ends at midnight california time according to amazon!

so go yourself a copy! what'cha waiting for?

and thanks. and on yeah, if you don't think it entirely sucks, could you leave a review after you read it on amazon? that would be amazeballs. but if you hate it (because you clearly have no soul) then let's just all pretend you never read it, k? k. lol

US Amazon:

UK Amazon:


SPAIN Amazon:

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