Wednesday, January 04, 2012

more! new! doggy! pics!

have you met our new doggy pete? i call him puppy. it makes me laugh because he is clearly NOT, a puppy. but he's so freaking cute i can barely stand it.

i think i could look at his face all day. i love him so much! he's one million times better than a brand new puppy and i'm so happy we have him in our house. :)

so today, i took him to a dog park for the very first time. and yes, i brought my camera. so here's some more pics of my puppy. lol

petey the (non) puppy!

he is so vicious!

get it pete!  :)

awwwwww- <3 my puppy!

isn't he the cutest?

ps- the weather was so nice today. it almost felt like i was at home. WHICH I WILL BE ON FRIDAY! woo hoo!!! wish i could bring my doggy with me! :)


Twenty Four At Heart said...

Cutest thing EVER!!

Anonymous said...

Luv him!!! Great Pics!!!

judy in ky said...

He's adorable! So glad he's with you.

NancyC said...

I had no idea you got new dog. He's adorable.

NancyC said...

Love the pictures. Had no idea you had a new dog.