Saturday, December 03, 2011

new doggy!

a friend of boyfriend's inherited a doggy.
well, it was his mom's dog...but his mommy passed away.
so then it was his dad's dog...but his dad is sick.
and well, he can't keep the dog.

so boyfriend said we would take him and if our other psychotic/crazy dog could be normal and not be affected by the new addition....

THEN WE COULD KEEP HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm already in love!!!!

so, meet PETE! :)

who i affectionately call things like "pegged leg pete the pirate of the pacific" ... "peter mcpeterson" ... and... "fat head."

but i realized today that i really want to call him BEAR! cause pete... well it doesn't flow. and it doesn't fit him, really.

so i'll start him off slow... tomorrow i'm gonna start calling him "petey bear"... and eventually i'll drop the petey altogether and he'll just be bear!

poor thing won't know what hit him. ha! :)

but really, isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen?!?!?!


Jill said...

LOL feeling guilty about Christmas is he?

ster said...

THAT'S RIGHT JILL!!!!! he killed christmas, so he HAD to bring me home a doggy! lol

judy in ky said...

He is adorable! Thank goodness he came to a good home.

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

I love him. He's so cute!

Susan said...

He's super cute. We have yellow labs too, and BF totally calls them both Bear (just as a nickname though)....cause they are very

Julie G said...

What an adorable dog. I know I've asked before about your camera, What kind do you use? Your pictures are so crisp & clear..not sure if its the camera or the photgrapher. I've got a crappy one or maybe I just ain't got no talent. Your blog rocks!!

ster said...

julie- thank you! he is the bestest doggy in the whole world! i super freaking love him!!!!!
i shoot with a canon t1i- but i used to shoot with an xi i think. can't remember anymore. in all honesty, it's the way i format the photos for the web- it adds a crisp and sharpness that isn't there otherwise- in case that makes you feel better. :)