Monday, November 28, 2011

what new tv shows are you loving?

it's been enough time for us to decide what new tv shows we love! and what ones we think suck! ha!

what are you watching this season that you're loving?

for me, on monday nights, i've completely fallen for hart of dixie! i loved this show from the get go! i've missed rachel bilson and i <3 my girl, jaime king... i think the show is really cute, sweet, with likeable characters. i sort of want to live there. we NEED a show like this- a show that reminds us about community, family, eating good food and tradition. it makes me smile. :)

i also am really liking the secret circle (right after my MOST FAVORITE SHOW IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD RIGHT NOW, the vampire diaries on thursday nights) because it's about witches and spells and magic! and did you know i'm writing a witch series? i started thinking that i didn't want to watch this show because the first episode was EERILY similiar to how my book starts, but after watching it more, we're not on the same path. lol so i like it! it's fun, although the opening music terrifies the hell out of me!

revenge on wednesday's is the bomb. even though i find it COMPLETELY predictable at times, i still find it RIDICULOUSLY enjoyable. i think it's unlike any other show i've seen before. i like the premise and i love the outlandish characters. it's entertaining and i'm hooked!

last but not least, i'm in love with once upon a time on sunday nights. i don't know what exactly it is about this show, but i freaking A-D-O-R-E it! i think it is SO creative, clever and puts a twist on every single fairy tale we've ever known or heard of. it's brilliant. i love it. i have no idea how or where it's going to go, but i'm excited to follow!

so yeah! those are my shows!!! what are you watching and loving? i wanna know! :)


Meg @sleepynewmommy said...

As far as new shows go, I'm a bit ashamed to admit I'm loving Pan Am. I wanted to like Up All Night, but it's too unrealistic and annoying. Other than that, it's just "old" stuff...waiting not-so-patiently for Mad Men to come back!

ster said...

OH MEG! i LOOOOOOVED pan am at first- and i DO still watch it, but i don't really like it. it's lost something for me- it's just sort of boring i think and i DO NOT care AT ALL about her spying shit. LOL i DO HOWEVER, care about the pilot. like, A LOT. lol :)

Alison said...

We are so boring. We watch nothing. Seriously, I'm reading and Chris is watching The Rachel Maddow Show. See, nothing. LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm infatuated with Grim. It's a little like Once upon a time, but it's more action/crime than OUAT.

Anonymous said...

I also watch Once Upon a Time and like it! :) I like the twists/spins they put on the fairy tales.
I watched the first Secret Circle, but missed the 2nd & 3rd, so haven't been watching. :( I liked it, though!
I started to watch Revenge, but fell asleep halfway through. (Not due to the show; only because I was tired.) When they re-aired it, I tried again, but the same thing happened. So I gave up on that one. Looks good, though.
I wanted to watch Hart of Dixie, but missed it when it started.

I've been watching Terra Nova. I like the time travel/dinosaur theme. Maybe it's because it reminds me of "Land Of The Lost" when I was a kid & I always loved that show. Anyone remember that?
Y'know, those cheesy Sid & Marty Kroft Shows. My favorite of those, was "Electra Woman & Dyna Girl". LOL Okay, now I've made this about a totally different topic, so I'll stop. (Sorry!)

A said...

Hell on Wheels (western) on AMC. :)