Tuesday, November 08, 2011

gray hair? REALLY???



is this thing on? *tap tap*

cause um... not only did i find a gray hair last night in my beautiful luscious golden locks... that mother fucker had friends.


i am WAY too young, and FAR TOO immature to have gray hair.

so imagine how much i freaked out last night when i saw the first unruly little fucker sprouting out of my head. it literally became GRAY HAIR WATCH TWENTY ELEVEN up in my bathroom.

i think i seriously spent about an hour searching for all those stupid things and then yanking them out.

they were easy to find though. wanna know why?


they are all weird, and curly and don't lay right! not to mention the fact that they reflect the light ALL WRONG! they don't glow with golden prettiness- they are dull and brassy.

why can't they grow out in colors like dark blue, purple or pink or something? i would love that! random little bright hairs scattered throughout! FUN!

but nooooooo. they're gray.


i have gray hairs! that grow! out of my head!

why is this happening to me?!?!? can i make it stop? can i will it away? act more immature? start wearing diapers? WHAT CAN I DO???

i am too cute for gray. i am too happy for gray. i am too fun for gray. i refuse!! help me.


Anonymous said...

I have gray hair too and i'm only 28!

TonyM said...

"far too immature" that cracks me up.

Join the club on the grey hair thing though.

Firemantaco said...

Wearing diapers may be closer than you think.

Angie said...

I'm sure it doesn't contrast against your hair color as much as mine! My solution costs less than $10, takes about 20 minutes, and makes me think I look young. It doesn't look great, but at least it's not gray!

rachel said...

oh girl....i feel your pain. i don't even recognize myself these days. i swear i have more grey hairs than blonde ones and actually? that makes me wantch to punch something. hard. and they are all wiry and weird and sometimes i just rip them right out of my head. what are we going to do? this is bullshit.

Missy said...

Um, yeah. I have some too. I'm 26 and I've had them for YEARS.

Mostly I don't notice it, unless I do my fringe a certain way and then I freak out just a little.

Anonymous said...

I had my 1st gray (or is it grey?! lol) hair at 12 years old! And now at 30, I have to dye my hair monthly...WTF?! So NOT cool...I blame it on my Italian genes & my jet black hair. There's no hiding those silver invaders when you're hair is black! HAHA

Sheila Cameron said...

Careful, they saying goes "2 grow back for every 1 you pluck". My grey is all "Broomhilda" too. I would love to have beautiful long grey hair but cartoon witch is the best that nature gave me.

ster said...

you're all awesome! and i think the double hair is a wive's tale! scary still, but those fuckers are getting ripped out the moment i catch sight of them! lol

rachy- i looked it up. EACH HAIR FOLICLE has a certain amount of pigment in it. once the pigment runs out (like our freaking eggs run dry), the hair STOPS being colored and turns gray, white, or silver. WTF?! lol