Friday, November 18, 2011

breaking dawn pt 1

yeah, yeah... you all KNOW i saw this movie. and you also know i can't resist writing about it. lol

um... i sort of feel about this one the way i felt about the first harry potter movie. i mean, the first half of the last hp movie.

i was sort of bored with this movie. don't get me wrong, the wedding scene was stunning! gorgeous! beautiful! and in all honesty, i LOVED how the characters laughed, smiled and genuinely had more fun in this movie than they have in all 3 other movies combined.

i think we've gone full past movies without a single smile from edward or bella. who wants to see frowny faces all the time? not me.

so yeah-i love that they are finally happy (for the most part). and i really love how all of them are together in this movie- the whole cullen clan plus the wolfies. it's nice to have everyone around all the time. it was romantic and sweet.

but yeah.

the wedding scene was a little long.

and the honeymoon scene was way too long.

i think they could have put the whole book into one movie. they definitely could have condensed this entire movie down into the necessary parts required to lead into the finale.

but they didn't.

of course.

cause if you were making the kind of money these movies were, would you? no, i didn't think so. i'd probably be like, LET'S MAKE EACH CHAPTER ITS OWN MOVIE! ha

thankfully, the actors have come a long way. their acting flows better and they're all clearly comfortable with one another. it shows. i did miss the humor that emmitt normally has. but the edward and jacob scenes were nice. and little wolfie seth was awesome. they did the bella starving scenes grotesquely well. her body was horrifying. *shudder*

so yeah. now i can't wait for the 2nd movie because it's going to be all the action and all the good stuff (just like the 2nd harry potter).

and the fact that we all have to wait an entire year for it, when it's already done- it just annoying. lol

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