Friday, October 07, 2011


hi y'all! i know it's been forever. this whole "unemployed" thing really just means that i'm not working for someone else. i don't think i have "not" worked a single day since i got fired.

i work my ass off.

or my eyeballs.



my eyes are killing me cause i just redesigned my ENTIRE freaking author website. do me a favor and check it out! tell me how pretty it is... or what you don't like, what i should tweak. i might listen, or i might pull all my hair out and curl in a ball and cry. most likely i'll listen. unless i think your opinion sucks, then i'll politely just ignore you. hahah anyway, go HERE and look!

speaking of my book and self publishing and everything else- i need YOUR help.

your opinion.

your advice.

because you see my internet friends... y'all are smart! creative! resourceful!!

i am wondering.. if you put out a book that you published- where would you try and put it at for sales? i have sent copies to bloggers (let me know if you want one for review), sent copies to facebook page people, have hard copies in the local bookstore, and whatnot.

but the word of mouth.

it's TOUGH! so i'd like to physically put my book in some more places locally. i was thinking about asking a local frozen yogurt shop. i know that sounds weird, but teenagers hang out in there- all the time. so do their parents. and well, my book is for teens! :)

do you have any ideas on how i can promote my book more to get it out there and talked about?! i am open to all ideas.



JayMonster said...

The only thing I see lacking on your new site is a sidebar.

You should (in my not so humble opinion of course) have a sidebar with the links to purchase your books on EVERY page.

Also, while I love the picture that you use, I think you should get a more typically standard "headshot" picture to use. One that works well in both color as well as black and white, and one that will scale well, so that it will look good as a small "avatar" size as well, so you have a distinct "look" that you can use across the website, Good Reads, Amazon, Shelfari, etc.

I don't have any great ideas on marketing it, but a simple idea that may help (without a lot of effort), would be to write to English Teachers in High Schools in your area offering to speak to classes about being a writer. You get to mention the book and act like a bit shot for a brief time, and the kids will think it is cool to meet a real author, and may be more inspired to check out the book.

On a more simplistic level, I bought 3 signed copies (just now). One for me to keep... the other two I will give away as a promotion. Don't know how much it will help... but figure it can't hurt.

Bridgett said...

Addition to talking at schools, library's may be a good place to have a meet a author. See if the library will allow you to have a book club featuring you and your book for teens. Put a display up in a coffee shop(s) market it as a great gift idea for the up coming holidays or a great book for travel reading etc. Have the aforementioned book club or talk at a coffee shop, might give you both new business. Good luck.

Alison said...

I was going to suggest visiting high school English classes too but I was beat to it! Also, call local school districts and find out when the middle and high schools are having Career Day. They always need guest speakers (you!) and you could give a few books away to further get the word out.

ster said...

thank you everyone- GREAT ideas so far...

now... how do we think BIGGER? like, how can i market my E-books like crazy? so i'm not just thinking about getting them out there locally- more like internationally and nationally?! i've give version to book bloggers to read and review- only a very few have actually read them yet (they are so back logged, book bloggers have become sooo popular) lol

jay- THANK YOU for what you did. that was so rad. you are amazing- i think that's what i need to do. get people books to give away. and you BOUGHT some. if you need more- or e-reader versions to give away, let's do that too- you can give away the 2 you bough, and i'll give you additional e-reader versions for kindle or nook, or whatever. :) thank you again!!!

Cathy said...

I'm a B&N employee, so this is a totally B&N-centric response, but get your book on the site for nook! The more readers that have the chance to buy through the big sites, the better.

Also, I don't know how far you've gotten with distribution, but if you work with a wholesaler, definitely submit a copy of your book for B&N buyer review. The buyers really do look at every title that's submitted to the small press department. Good luck with everything!

ster said...

thank you cathy- i AM on nook and listed on bn site! :) but i don't know anything about a wholesaler, so i will look into that! thanks!