Tuesday, September 06, 2011

fdny, engine 8

i just wanted to share some pictures i took of some firemen back in 2000. i honestly don't know if they're okay, or not- but i'm really hoping that they lived through that september day.

engine 8 guys- december 2000

fdny- engine 8

fdny  12/00


Anonymous said...

Im a firefighter from london in the uk, but have
Many contacts and buddies in the FDNY, and
Im aware the Engine 8, the guys you have in
Your photo lost one of its members on 9/11,
So the chances are the guys you met are still

The other company in that firehouse wasnt so
Lucky, Ladder Co 2 lost the whole crew that
Responded to the towers.


Anonymous said...

Hi -

I found your blog when searching for information on my childhood friend, Rob Parro.

Engine 8 had lost 1 member on 9/11. Unfortunately it was Rob. He isn't in any of your pictures, I was hoping he would be so I can point out his great spirit and smile.

I am sure the folks at 8 appreciate your concern.