Friday, July 15, 2011

oh, harry potter.

i won't give any spoilers away regarding the last movie, but i will tell you this...







IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i mean really!!!!!!!

i went in with not high expectations because i was SO disappointed after seeing the last one. probably because i hadn't read any of the books, right? and so i felt like it was SO boring. but in all honesty, i watched it again a few weeks ago and i loved it a billion times better than when i saw it in the theatre.

in all honesty, it was the first harry potter movie that i didn't walk out of confused. normally, i am pretty confused (who was that guy? what are they talking about? what the hell is a horcrux? why don't they explain anything?! maybe i should read the books!) but this time? NOT confused at all.

well, i'm not confused, confused.

i mean, i do still have a couple questions. but i don't want to ask them right now in case people haven't seen the movie yet, OR read the book.
can i please still talk about the fact though i do not like (at all, never going to like them) ginny and harry together?!

it annoys the living crap out of me. and i don't know if it's because i don't really like the chick who plays her in the movies. that could be part (most) of it.

she just seems like a fan. like a harry groupie. i don't get why he likes her. at all. it reminds me of edward of bella. i GET why she likes him. but what i don't get is why the hell on this green planet, he even is remotely interested in her?!?!

i'm harsh huh?

this may totally come back and bite me in the ass someday with my books.


okay. so harry. the final film.

i loved it!! i wasn't disappointed! i wasn't let down! i thought it was really well done. REALLY well explained. i just thought it was overall, freaking awesome!

i totally want to go see it again. like RIGHT NOW! i will say that everyone said they thought this entire movie would be one huge action scene, but it's not.

at all.

there is good action, but it's not ALL action. there are slow parts.

but i don't know. i'm on a total harry high right now! if i had harry potter glasses, i would wear them around all weekend waving my magical wish wand at people, casting spells.

hell, i still might do that.

anyway, if you're on the fence about the last potter movie. jump off it! go see it! and then tell me how much you loved it, so we can be on harry high together!!!!! :)


Issas Crazy World said...

I am laughing at you. Sorta. Sorry dude. READ THE BOOKS!

I haven't seen the movie yet. Tomorrow. But if you have questions, I'll be glad to answer them. Since I've read the books. Ahem.

Ginny in the movies is kinda a groupie. In the books, she is the first three books and then, she's not. They act like siblings for a few years and then they start dating in book six. She's completely likable and amazing in the books. I adore her. Spunky chick...which they didn't manage to pull off as well in the movies.

Luv 2 Read said...

aka: super rad reader

Haven't seen Harry Potter, but...
just saw the newest version of your book cover (7/18/11) for "In Dreams" on your writing page. Luv it! :)
Luv that the girl is leaning in closer, with her head on her shoulder. Nice.

(Still) can't wait to read it!! :)

Luv 2 Read said...

Umm...I meant:
"with her head on HIS shoulder..."

(what I wrote originally:
Luv that the girl is leaning in closer, with her head on her shoulder.)