Wednesday, June 29, 2011

why my high school reunion felt like a wedding

everyone keeps asking me how my 20 year high school reunion was. and the best way that i can explain it is..... that it was like a wedding!!!!

a million people are there.
you don't get to see or even talk to all of them.
the people you do see, you feel like all you got to say to them was "hi" cause you wanted to make the rounds and see everyone!
you end up seeing pictures from the night and you find yourself saying, "THEY WERE THERE?!?! I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THEM!!!!"
it's exhausting.
and it goes by TOO fast.

see? total wedding day!!!!!

but it was a freaking blast! in all honesty, i wasn't even super excited at all to go to this thing. i mean, most of us haven't seen each other, or really talked to each other in the last 20 years and so while i wanted to go, i didn't REALLY think i cared if i went or not. with facebook, it sort of feels like that is enough, you know? you see what everyone looks like, you know what they're up to- WHY do you need to see them in real life?

BUT... seeing everyone in person, instead of just online, is SO.MUCH.BETTER!!!!

it was so much freaking fun, i didn't want it to end. from my perspective, it seemed like everyone was just so genuinely happy to see everyone else. no one asked what they did for work, or tried to brag about money, or anything superficial. it was just... total happiness at being with one another, hugging each other, and reconnecting.

seriously, it was the best freaking time ever!!!! and thankfully, someone planned a picnic the next day for everyone to bring their spouses and kids, etc. and that was awesome because i totally wanted to still see everyone and hang out with them! i wasn't ready to say goodbye and head back up north. i'm still not. it's hard being away. i wish i was closer to my home. i wish i was closer to everyone.

so for all of you whose reunions are coming up and you think that you don't really care about the people you went to high school with... or you don't miss them... trust me when i tell you that you probably do. at least i did. i'm so happy i went. i think my class was totally awesome, super hot, crazy fun, and maybe that's why it ruled so much. cause everyone was so freaking great!

i loved my reunion! i had the best time ever. a zillion billion times more fun than i could have ever anticipated! :) and yes, i did wear jeans to my reunion. suck it.

i have known this kid since elementary school! there's something more special about the people you went to elementary school, jr high AND high school with...

i love that my elementary school boyfriend is still comfortable enough to grab my ass for pictures. lol

mirror photo time!!!!!!! loved seeing all of these girls! cannot wait to see them again!

my new girl crush! i am totally in love with her!

fun and hot women!


this picture makes me SO happy, i had to include it. i've known these 2 since like kindergarten. love them both SO much. (the fact that they are hot, fun and funny doesn't hurt) :)

old softball buds! (minus one, lol)


my girl crush again!
IMG_6828 copy

so what did we learn today? reunions are awesome! :)


Kim Wilson Liljegren said...

Jenn! I'm so glad you had fun. I'm also so glad you came. Thanks for the great blog. It helps make all the effort worth it. It was great to see you again. And you're right, there was no time to talk. I thought I was the only one that happened to. See you at the next one. :)


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Booty brother James

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time. I know I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures posted by everyone. Many look the same and some look TOTALLY different.

I'll have to try and make the 21 year reunion.