Monday, June 20, 2011

today he turned 13

and so today... i am officially the mother of a teenager. a TEENAGER people.

in all of his 13 years so far, he has been such a rad kid.

he has a huge, kind heart.
he is a great baseball player.
he's a really good person.

i am proud of him every single day. i love being around him because he's fun, funny and we laugh all the time. we sing terrible songs together. i don't embarass him (yet).

my little man rules.

but is it all about to change? cause i mean, TEENAGER, people. is it all downhill from here? will i start hearing things like "i hate you?" and things like that?!

i don't know, but until i find it out- i'll take the fact that he still claims me in public. and is willing to take pictures with me. :)

me and my teenager!


Alison said...

Happy birthday, Blake!

Ali said...

I cannot believe you HAVE a still look like one! ;)

I'm thinking that boys are different...they always love their mamas and don't give them the emotional grief that girls do. So, you'll probably get lucky.

happy birthday to him! xoxo