Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer is hectic!

man, i feel like i have no time to do anything... how the hell did i ever work full time?!

HAHAHAH! that seriously, was just a joke.

it's weird though how time is organized once you're not "forced" to organize it in the same way. i mean, when i was working... i only had a very limited amount of time to get things done, so i crammed them all into those small pockets of availability. now that i have my days "free"... the same projects, or errands, or things that need to get done- end up taking the entire day to do.

you know?

maybe you don't.

so what have we been up to? well i've been baking lots and lots of cupcakes (and forgetting to take pics of their yumminess)

and we went to a bbq the other day and i took a bunch of candid pics, that i love.






and i feel like i've been running around like crazy. cause you know, i'm about to have a TEENAGER in about 5 or so days! eeek


Alison said...

Great pictures!!! I can't wait until you come down here and take pictures of Nick and Jessica. :)

Someone who luvs to look at random pics said...

Those are awesome pics!! :)