Tuesday, May 17, 2011

pretty pictures

cause it's been far too long since i've posted some of the cool pics i've been taking... and cupcakes i've been baking. and i'm so sick of everything on my blog being like.. wah, my house. wah, bank of america sucks donkey dick....

who cares?!

my blog depressed even me.. AND I'M NOT DEPRESSED!!! lol

there was a classic car show the other weekend and i went alone.. wandered around and took some pics just for fun. it was kinda cool! :)this is the car from the movie peggy sue got married!




and i'm super proud of the next cupcakes. my gf wanted some tiffany blue cupcakes for a birthday, and not only did i get the tiffany blue RIGHT ON.. but this was the first time i'd even attempted to make fondant bows. :)

2 dozen mini cupcakes

aren't they cute?

and the boy and i bought new sunglasses the other day. this are our "look mean" faces. clearly, he does the mean face far better than i do.


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A said...

Well, since nobody has commented yet....I will! :)

The car show pics are cool!

I love looking at pics, so keep posting.

The cupcakes look soooo yummy! (I think I need a cupcake right now.)And they look so Tiffany-like.

Sunglasses. Wish I could find a pair I liked. I hate mine, but keep wearing them because without sunglasses, I just can't see in the sun.

My niece does a pretty good mean face.