Tuesday, May 10, 2011

and then a bee flew in my window


so picture this... i'm driving on the freeway, windows part of the way down, rocking out to some fun music...

all of a sudden, something FLIES into my window and like VIOLENTLY smacks me in the face. i sit there thinking to myself, what the fuck was that? a rock? a piece of something? and where did it come from. that freaking hurt.

i look down.

and there is a BEE in my lap. it's totally stunned because it just powerhoused into the side of my face, but it's little legs are trying to move. but then i start freaking out because hello, I AM ALLERGIC TO BEES and now there is one in my mother fucking lap.

dear lord help me... i start wondering if i should pull over on the freeway right now and jump out of my car and do some crazy "get this bee off of me" dance... or if i should wait until the exit.

so i wait.

and thankfully there's a red light.


so i haul ass out of my car and i'm flipping my shirt all around and i look down AND THAT STUPID BEE IS STUCK TO MY SHIRT. it won't get off.

so then i start freaking out... cause clearly i'll have to live with a bee on my shirt for the rest of my life if i can't get it off of me RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!!

this is dramatic, huh?

so finally, i do some crazy flick like move and the bee falls to the ground. the people in the car behind me aren't sure what to make of me so i wave and smile at them and then hop in my car and drive off.


but all i keep thinking is how the hell did that bee end up in my car in the first place?! i mean, what are the odds? that has so never happened to me before.. has it happened to you?!



Alison said...

Only you.

Anne said...

We were driving in the Colorado wilderness once, and Josh got one of those fuzzy bees smack in the face. Only, it wasn't stunned, it was pissed off, and it crawled onto the back of his neck and when he grabbed it it stung him on the pinky. ON THE PINKY! How annoying is that?


ster said...

why did blogger eat all the comments from this post?!?!?!?!

Anne said...

I was just wondering the same thing, I was like "Hey, my bee comment wasn't offensive, WTF?"

ster said...

argh!!!! that barely ever happens.. but usually it's just a few posts, not ALL of them. lol

i didn't even get to read your comment!!!!!!!! :(

Anne said...

LOL! What I said was that Josh and I were driving in the Rocky Mountain National park, and this thing flew in the window and hit him in the chest, then started crawling on his neck. He reached back with the non-driving hand and got stung on the pinky, by one of those giant fuzzy honeybees.

Then he had a sting on his pinky for like a week, and it was constantly hurting and annoying him (but it was still kinda funny, because who thought a giant fuzzy bee would sting?)

Unknown said...

A couple of weeks ago a moth flew into my ear. No kidding. My wife had to drive me to one of those 24-hour emergency clinics so they could take it out. The thing kept fluttering inside my head while I was on the way to the clinic. At least the thing didn't fly into your ear.