Friday, April 01, 2011

trying to lose weight by summer?

cause really, isn't that a huge topic of conversation on a daily basis between women (and yeah, some of you guys too)? i feel like i'm constantly battling these "last 10 pounds"... and with summer coming up- and the fact that i like to get tan and wear shorts... well..


so my girlfriend from high school, kim... she's been trying to get me to try this weight loss stuff she's been doing. and let me tell you, she's crazy skinny lately. she blames her new diet plan. i blame crack. :)

she insists that it's fabulous and even though i honestly only feel like i have 6 pounds that i want to lose, i still want it gone! (because i'm 6 pounds heavier than i was last summer.. and let me tell you that those 6 pounds have all camped out in my ass and upper thighs) i know 6 pounds isn't much.. but it is a lot when it all resides within one area of my body. 6 pounds BE GONE!

so she offered to send me 3 days worth of product for me to try out! and well, i'm not one to turn down shit that could help me look even hotter than i already do, so i said YES! then she almost made my cry when she ran down the laundry list of items she'd be sending me. (i mean, i was super overwhelmed in the same way i got overwhelmed the first time i started using a 3 step face wash system for my face at night... I HAVE TO USE THREE STEPS?! IN ORDER?! OH MY GAWD, I'LL NEVER GET IT RIGHT!!!) but then when i got everything in the mail, it all made way more sense. :) and even though she sent me a little bit of everything, i only used what i would use if i had bought it myself. basically, the main componant is the shakes that you drink for either 2 meals a day, or 1. i was totally on board. i mean, that's soooo slim fast-ish to me, and i loved slim fast, so i'm down with shakes for meals. ha

anyway, this stuff is called body with vi.. maybe you've heard of it? seems pretty popular lately.. i did a twitter search and it's all over that thing! so, i did 2 shakes a day, for 3 days. one for breakfast and one for lunch. the shakes come in a pouch that is one flavor (sweet cream) and it smells like vanilla frosting when you open it. *swoon* i put the first one in orange juice for breakfast and it was surprisingly good (i was honestly scared with my first sip)! i really, really liked it. but since i couldn't get past the whole vanilla frosting smell (and i feel like frosting belongs in milk & not juice) i bought some non-fat milk and used that for my lunch shake. EVEN better!!! it really was super yummy. reminds me a lot of vanilla slim fast shakes, which i LOVE! but with this stuff, you can put it in pretty much anything. soy products, yogurt, fruit and ice and then blend it.... i stuck with the milk for the 3 days. cause it was so dang good.

she also sent me these energy flavor packet things you can put in your water. i fell in love with that stuff. they were so good and i loved how i felt after. i totally noticed a difference. plus, it's fun to feel like you're drinking something OTHER than water for once. i'm such a freaking water whore, but it does get boring.

did i lose any weight in 3 days, you're probably wondering? i didn't. but in all honesty, my body takes longer than a mere 3 days to lose anything. i plan on ordering a set of the shakes because in the summer- i lose my appetite and i struggle with what to eat for lunch almost everyday. i'm not always very hungry, but i know i need to eat and nothing ever sounds good. the shakes will be easy, quick, yummy and filling. i think they'll be perfect. and then if they help me lose weight, EVEN BETTER!!!

so yeah. if you've tried body with vi, i'd love to hear about how it was for you. and if you haven't, but you're intrigued.. check out my girlfriends website here. you can email her and ask her any questions. she's super knowledgeable and helpful. and if you order, i hope you'll help her out and order from her. you can ask me anything too. but you already know that. :)

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I know a lot of people who are trying their Challenge right now!