Friday, April 08, 2011

shredding, again

why do i do this to myself?!

remember the last 2 times i shredded, i got HUGE? i do. but clearly, i've put that out of my mind.

i am shredding again. but this time, i'm not doing it every single day. i'm doing it 3-4 times a week and i'm super counting calories. i'm on day 6, and so far.. so good! i actually don't think i'm getting bigger this time!!!!!! *knocks on wood*

why was i the only one whose thighs and ass grew doing this excercise?!?? for reals, cause i measured!

what i do love about this workout is that i sweat more in 20 minutes doing this thing, than i do after an hour on the treadmill. and i feel sore all the time. i love that. i will love this workout even more if i lose a few inches and get toned up. then i'll believe all you shredheads, that it actually worked! :)

are you guys working out in anticipation of summer?! or are you dreading it?


Anonymous said...

I am doing her new workout with the shredheads. You should try it after you finish this! Good luck Jenn

Alison said...

Great minds think alike! I'm on day 3. I've done the full 30 days once before and loved how strong I felt. I don't know if I lost inches (never measured) but I felt great! And yes, this is in preparation for summer. Damn bikinis.

Smug said...

I'm doing the new Meta program from Tracy Anderson. Supposed to make your butt smaller and not bigger. Since I'm on day 1, I can't tell yet!!

good luck!!