Saturday, April 30, 2011

choosing to accept

it's really neat to me when i think about something and then i find myself pointed to words, or thoughts that really resonate with mine.

i am loving all the things i'm reading lately. everything talks about letting go. about releasing all of the things in our lives that are holding us back. that within the last 2 years, more people than we can count have been through life changing events. divorce, death, loss of job, loss of house, relocation, etc.

all of these things that we could see as "bad" if we chose too.

i definitely don't choose to see the hardships in my life that way. i don't think losing my job was bad. i knew at the time that getting fired was what needed to happen to get me out of there. that no matter how abused i felt, i was never going to leave on my own (without another job to go to). so until i either found a new job, or got fired- i wasn't leaving.. even though i KNEW i needed to get the fuck out of there. i was (and AM) thankful for being released from that prison.

and this house... everything that is going on with it. in my opinion, it's just the next step... the next thing that needs to be released.. i don't see potentially losing this house as something bad happening to me either. it's stressful. it sucks. but it's ok.

i think that things happen for a reason. i think that when we're not supposed to be somewhere anymore, forces out of our control help get us moving- in whatever way possible. usually, dramatically.

i read this the other day and it spoke to me. it made me rethink everything. it brought my peace of mind. and maybe you'll like it too. :)

"Accept that you are being worked over into something utterly new that has never existed before. If there is a push for you to release something, release it. Fighting it, only slows it down and causes suffering."

"...Drop all "ideas" as to what you should do, who you should be, what work you should seek, what future you should have. The objective is to simply let go of all ideas, all aspirations, all desires. Let go of all impulses to control your life. Have courage to do what you've never done before."

"When we have nothing, there is nothing to hold us back."


Alison said...

Into each life some rain must fall.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Colin said...

I posted an article on the evolution of letting go that you might find helpful. I recently discovered a method of releasing that, for myself, allowed for a deep, effortless, and natural letting go. Here is an excerpt:
I somehow came to the very freeing understanding that letting go (or trying to let go) was still dualistic and served to strengthen the separate self-sense, the sense of being an individual with unique problems, a history, a past, etc… none of which is here in the present moment. In order to somehow reclaim my infinite power, which had been siphoned off by all of these conscious and unconscious programs, I began to turn the tables on the whole thing. It started with WELCOMING, rather than letting go. I experimented with welcoming all experiences, feelings, thoughts, judgments, beliefs… the whole shebang! It was powerful, but then…
You can read the full article at the url below.