Monday, April 04, 2011

am i the only one who names my cars?!?

so.. we got a new car this past weekend. you see, sam (my jeep).. well he was 11 years old. and he had 238,000 miles on him. and while i loved sam with all of my heart, he was starting to potentially fall apart. there was some serious coolant issue and it was blowing coolant into the car while i would drive- all of a sudden i would see plumes of white smoky stuff blowing at my face... and well, that was coolant. i'm sure that's not healthy.

so when we were looking at cars and talking about leases vs buying and stuff.. i told the guy at the dealership that i get really attached to my cars. that i fall in love with them. and it's true. i can honestly tell you that i care about my cars. and i can also tell you, that the insane part of me, thinks that my cars care about me back. lol no really. i take care of my car, and it takes care of me. we have a relationship. we look out for each other. my car CARES about my safety.

holy shit. i am totally fucking batshit crazy, aren't i?

yes, yes i am.

anyway, when i left sam at the dealership, i cried. and i'm still a little sad. i LOVED my jeep. i loved my sam. he was a good car. and i miss him. i have a lot of memories in that car. i think i would have kept him forever if i could have. holy crap, i'm going to cry again. pathetic.

moving on... you want to know what the first thing was that my mom and all my friends asked me when i told them we got a new car?

does it have a name yet?

hahah.. clearly, i'm easy to read.

so this is ole bessie. yes, ole. bessie's a subaru legend. and a 6 speed stick. and tomorrow, she gets her windows tinted. she's shy like that. Ole bessie

do you name your cars or am i the only completely insane one around these parts?


Parp said...

YES! my Jeep wrangler is Nathaniel James (Nate for short) my friends think I'm crazy too, but Nate and I have had our fair share of good times and snow filled adventures and he loves me! I can't even think about the day that we won't drive topless together anymore(did I mention Nate is a convertible lol) and I will probably cry if I ever have to leave him somewhere too...

Alison said...

I cried when we traded in Joan (our Jetta...Joan Jetta, that's right). But we love Tabitha, our Trailblazer just as much. She is starting to act like a bitch though, what with her "check engine" light coming on every other month. Anyway, even though she's Tabitha officially, we mostly call her "The Bye-Bye Truck" which is what the kids named her when they were little. You know, because we go bye-bye in her. :)

So....Ole Bessie is pretty hot. :)

NGS said...

We traded in Monster, a full-size Chevy Silverado pickup for Agnes, a cute little Hyundai Elantra in December. She was named before we pulled off the dealer's lot.

Ashes said...

My first car was named Sally. No, she wasn't a Mustang. She was a Kia Rio, but somehow... it just worked. Maybe it was because she was orange. I just bought a new car last month. A slate blue Nissan Altima. While I loved Sally, I have to say that I adore Christine!! :)

ster said...

i love that y'all name your cars too!!!!!!!!! we totally rule! :)

Jill said...

My Jeep is named for her name on her front end we have always called her The Rube.

Ericka said...

i never did until last october, when i bought my first new vehicle - a shiny new nissan xterra. (i laugh in the face of gas prices, clearly.)

petunia and i are very happy, thankyouverymuch.