Monday, April 18, 2011

am i not good enough?

i love i truly do. i love the community that has been built from the ground up, and how it brings everyone together and believes in supporting one another. i love what the ladies did to create and grow this incredible site.

but i do have a question- because i feel like most people aren't talked about. most bloggers aren't known, etc. and i need and want the support of my community right now. can't we support the bloggers/authors who self publish their books? i feel like we support, shout out, blog post each other to death, publicize, etc any blogger who is LUCKY enough to get a publishing agent and deal. but what about the bloggers who didn't get an agent to bite? what about the bloggers who still wanted to publish their story because they believed in it, and loved it, and wanted it out there for public consumption?

is my book not good enough because i published it myself? isn't there room for everyone to get the same kind of help? i always thought so. and so i'm asking you guys- can self published authors get the same kind of respect, and shout outs as the other ones?

just because my book wasn't picked up by some big wig agency, doesn't mean it isn't worthy of your attention or time. if we are supporting the women who do what they can to achieve their goals, see their dreams a reality, try to make a living doing what they enjoy doing- then i want to be included in that.

you know? it just feels like the same bloggers, all the time, getting all the attention, all the perks, all the publicity, etc. that is great for them and i'm happy for them and want to SUPPORT them- but i want to be supported as well and i just don't see it.

prove me wrong.


Denise said...

I, personally, give the same kind of link love to those who get published as to those who self-publish. I'm looking for info about your book and I'll buy it and promote it because who doesn't love jennster and need more jennster in their lives?

Denise said...

Also, how the heck do I buy it? Because I've clicked everywhere I can and there doesn't seem to be a link... Help!

ster said...

denise- i love you. thank you for trying to buy it already. maybe this post was premature, since i haven't PUBLISHED it yet. HAHAHA.. but it's coming- it's in the final editing stages and then i'll publish. :)

i love hearing that you link love to both kinds of published bloggers. you rule. :)

Ericka said...

if you haven't already read jennie crusie, you need to. her books are, of course, fabulous. but she is a writer's writer, and thinks a lot about the publishing world and how to survive in it.

her latest blog applies rather directly to you, i think.

ster said...

ericka- GREAT RESOURCE and site! omg, thank you SO much for sending me that link..... off to get lost on her site. :)