Wednesday, March 23, 2011

today was filled with DISNEY!

of the land and the adventure kind!!!! :)

because i live dangerously (and risk potentially losing my phone.. clearly i am CRAZY!!!!) this is me and my brother DURING big thunder mountain railroads ride. HAHAHAH
during the thunder mtn ride.. ha!!! of the mickey mouse kind.
Mouse! pretzel!

cindy (@californiaboys) came to see me! YAY!!! she was gorgeous and awesome and wonderful! :) but it was awesome because i was texting her once she said she was IN THE PARK!!!! and i was like "awesome! i'm wearing bright ass yellow!!!" to which she responds with something like "cool." and i was dying... like well what the hell are you wearing?!?! so i ask her. she responds with, "black." LOL this was going to be hard.
this is us without our sunglasses on...
super cindy  & super ster
and then with, for the papparazzi.. you know how it is. (right dan?)

me and my brother (did i mention that he awesomely drove out last minute from vegas to do disney with us! rad!!!)

a horse. i love horsies. this is his butt. ha

last, but not least.. me and the boy
blakey face & ster


Grand Pooba said...

Okay, I need to go to D-Land with you. Since I've, you know, grown up, it's just not the same anymore. You make it look like a fricken riot!

Dana said...

Gosh darn it, I miss you!

Love these photos.