Friday, March 04, 2011

so, i might be crazy

and maybe that's why i don't update this blog enough?! or maybe it's the fact that i have FOUR.. no wait, make that FIVE websites!

wait.. is that right?
1. cupcakes
2. writing
3. main site
4. blog
5. photography..

yep.. that's 5. who in their right mind has FIVE WEBSITES?!?!?!?

so um.. i've posted some really pretty and sexy boudoir shots i took on my photography blog. and i posted some oscar cupcakes on my cupcakes blog. and of course i'm constantly updating my writing blog.

maybe i should update all the sites in one place? no, that won't work. but i can't send y'all to FIVE freaking websites all the time, right?! but i can't also expect myself to update 5 different websites every single day. good lord, how do people do it?! advice from the multi-taskers out there?! advice from any of you who have multiple websites that you update often? or at least try too???

for the love.. maybe i will update them individually, and also post some here?!

this really shouldn't be this hard. lol

ok, here are some of the pics i took:




and here are the oscar cupcakes.

red velvets with gold stars

oscar cupcakes

oscar cupcakes3

okay. that's it. you're up to date now. lol but you should still probably check the other websites.. you know, just to be safe.

1 comment:

A said...

The cupcakes look awesome! (And yummy!) Cool idea with the Hollywood sign. :)
[I like smilies, too!]

I read the bio on your writing blog. You said: "I also take a lot of pictures. And I do mean a lot. No one in their right mind needs half as many photographs as I take on a daily basis. But I love it."

LOL! Same here...I take lots of pics. I used to take lots with my film camera. Now with digital, it's even easier to take tons more! Only problem is, I never end up PRINTING them. :(