Tuesday, March 15, 2011

significance & japan links

when things like the earthquake and tsunami in japan happen, it really reminds me how much of an asshole i am sometimes. i mean, really...
"i can't get a book agent." wah.
"no one wants to publish my book." wah.

it's just so ignisificant in the grand scheme of things. and when i think about what TRULY matters in life- at least to me- big fucking boo hoo that i haven't published my book (yet). i understand that i have dreams and goals and those things are important to me. and it's completely okay to want things, want to accomplish things..... but i'm just saying that for me, what really matters is that the people i love are safe.

that all the people i care about are okay.

and by the way california.... do you have your earthquake preparedness kit ready? i have one in the car, but i really need one in the house. or under my bed. or something. and i always freak that i don't have enough water (cause um, i sort of always drink it all).

so here are some links that i think are important.. how to help japan if you can... and other nifty links.

Maki is a blogger who has ties to Japan and she is blogging, tweeting and updating news that she gets. she also has an incredible list of how to help and organizations that you can donate too.
Japan Earthquake: How to help, personal update

Sachiko is from Japan... and although she is not living there currently, her family is still there. she is deeply affected by everything going on there right now (obviously) and her blog posts are moving and touching.

yahoo has a great list of links for how to help.

the sf gate has a great post on what we all need for emergency preparedness kits.. it includes food, water, first aid, clothing, etc. it's pretty detailed, but we should all try to make something to keep in a backpack or in something easy to grab in a hurry.

love. xoxo

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