Monday, March 21, 2011

road tripping part 2

today was filled with awesomeness! in the form of the warner bros lot(s)!!!! i freaking love being home. i love being in so cal. i love being where movies happen.. tv shows happen.. talk shows happen.. life happens!!!! i love the entertainment industry, and in all honesty... i think i've forgotten just HOW much. i think i try to constantly tell myself i'm okay and it's fine that i'm not working in it currently... and that i'm not in la working is perfectly fine.


thanks for the reminder.

warner bros is my most favorite lot out of all the movie lots... i just think it's the most awesome and fun and lively. :) (paramount, you own me in the old school charm category)

here's a subway station replica... bye blake!
get on the subway blake!

if you watch pretty little liars, you might recognize the next couple of pictures
toby's house in pretty little liars



the friends fountain!

my new house

come on in!

sets are fun! so is my life. :)

oh yeah.. stage #26 at warner bros.. well,look closely at the last thing filmed in the tv section. DUR. WINNING!
warner bros stage 26... 2 .5 men.. winning!

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