Sunday, March 20, 2011

road trippin

the boy and i are road trippin this week! so i'm taking y'all along... sorry if this is a repeat for any of you. HA! :)

LOVE any sign that says LOS ANGELES and SOUTH on it! that's where we're heading!

and clearly, it makes us both extremely happy!

but the boy is easily bored.. even when we take an entire new way home with all sorts of things to see- he'd still rather look at the birds of anger.

when we got our first glimpse of the ocean, i made blake roll down the window in the pouring rain and try to take a good pic. yeah. this is what we got instead. it'll have to do.

after stopping to visit my gf meg (waiting on a pic from her. she's slow. she's meg)

we stopped for pea soup (why does everyone hate on pea soup?! it's good fuckers)... i used to come here as a kid on our way to solvang! it was tradition.. and now i made blake do it too. i love forcing my childhood traditions on my child! it's good to be the parent.

more to come!!!!!


Colleen said...

Pea soup is awesome.

Cindy Saddler said...

I hope I get to see you

Megaland said...

Hey now, the pic's on FB! Fucker! LOL