Monday, March 28, 2011

the last of the road trip

going home is always awesome. it did kind of suck that the weather was completely craptastic. i mean, i get enough crappy weather living up here. so now that we're gone of course.. it's supposed to be 80 degrees all week.

here are the last of the super fun pics we took, and things we did. i love being home. i can't put it into words, but those of you who truly know me, know how it feels for me to be where i belong. i won't sugar coat that fact anymore.

a necessary visit everytime i go home. miss you friend. IMAG0564

customer appreciation day means GINORMOUS SUNDAE TIME!!!! IMAG0567 IMAG0566

and snow on the grapevine! IMAG0569 and silly pictures of ourselves during our long ass drive! we love being together.. me and the boy have loads of fun. :) IMAG0570 IMAG0573 IMAG0575

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