Sunday, March 13, 2011

hopefully this is my last post

about bank of freaking america.

are you sick of reading about the loan modification program that i've been talking about for the last YEAR? i am sick as fuck from writing about it.

let's recap, shall we?

got fired at the very end of march last year.
filed immediate paperwork for home loan modification.. so let's say, april.
was told a decision would be made by 90 days. (i remember thinking 90 days was crazy long and holy shit, i'll have a new job by then so it won't matter.. this sucks)
loss of paperwork
refill out paperwork
resend to someone, who will only give us a fax number, but no phone number to contact them
208342094 phone calls to 2139812093 different people who all say different things.
lose paperwork again
say we aren't qualified.. let them know if our situation changes
followed by an immediate additional letter saying our situation is in the final stages. we should hear in 30 days.
i think that was about .. i dunno, 75 or so days ago

to this:
checked my bank account the other day. and instead of the normal mortgage amount, there was almost EIGHT HUNDRED ADDITIONAL DOLLARS TAKEN OUT!!!!!


listen up fuckheads, i need HELP with my mortgage. i don't need you to go into my bank account, WITHOUT ANY WARNING, and take out an additional 800 dollars from my account.

and that's the part that really gets me. that i've been in this program, trying to get help with the loan for almost an ENTIRE YEAR. and just now they start taking out extra money. without saying a thing? what if that money wasn't there? then what? and that money WAS there, because it goes towards NEXT MONTHS MORTGAGE, assholes. i just don't get why they have the right to take extra money without saying a word?!?!?

and when i called, you know what they told me?

it's some sort of escrow fund (to cover taxes, which are completely up to date, and homeowners insurance, which is already paid through the entire year)... and if i want that money to STOP being taken out EACH MONTH FROM NOW ON, then i have to OPT OUT of the modification program.

for which, we have NOT YET BEEN APPROVED FOR, mind you.

and have i mentioned that the amount they took out is far over what is needed to cover the taxes & insurance anyway????

what the fuck is up with this?!?! i mean, is this seriously how all banks are doing business now? do people know this shit is going on? does the government? do they care?!??!

so let me get this straight:
you ask for help
they string you along for as long as they can
they lie
"lose" paperwork constantly
don't give you anyone to talk to on a consistant basis
then take out money (that you don't have) IN ADDITION to your current mortgage, and expect you to not default on your loan?!?!?!?

bank of america, next month our mortgage will be short almost 800 dollars. i sure hope to shit you can figure the fuck out why.

and i'm sure this will be all our fault.

and you'll foreclose on us.

because you totally suck at this whole HELPING PEOPLE STAY IN THEIR HOMES thing.


JayMonster said...

It is time (if you are able) to stop calling them, and road trip it if necessary to the closest BofA branch and force somebody to deal with you face to face.

It is easy to blow you off on the phone, far less so when you are sitting across a desk from somebody. Plus even if they "can't do anything" then they have a directory of departments at their disposal, so you can insist they find somebody who CAN help. Let THEM navigate their web of confusion to help you.

Alison said...

I don't have automatic withdrawal set up for my mortgage or any bills I pay...for this very reason. I'm afraid they will take money from my account as they wish! Have you called David Horowitz yet? :)

Anonymous said...

Who's on first? What's on second? I don't know's on third.....

Sheesh, your BOA dealings must feel like the Abbott & Costello routine (only worse!) to you.

I'm sorry you're going through all this. I hope you can find SOMEBODY somewhere to help you.

JayMonster's solution sounds like it may help?

Whichever way....I hope you get it resolved soon. Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

I would call an attorney! First to help with getting the process moved along and second I might even think about slapping them with a lawsuit.....I hate to sound sue happy but Damn it these banks have to be shown they can't do this to people. They don't have the right to treat people this way. For too long they have been the makers and breakers of the law.... time someone stood up to them and said enough, is enough....