Sunday, March 06, 2011

dear little league snack shack

i realize the entire world is obsessed with becoming "healthy" ... eating "healthy" foods.. and pushing "healthy" products down everyone's throats....

but i'm sorry, no one in their right mind is expecting "healthy" foods when they visit their local little league snack shack (this isn't to say that healthy options should not be a part of the menu.. they totally should. yay for healthy shit.)

so, when y'all told me yesterday that you replaced the nacho cheese sauce for your nachos with "all natural" and "healthier" shredded cheese that you melt in a microwave... well.. i was kinda pissed. if i wanted shredded cheese on my chips, i could buy that shit and do it myself at home. when i buy nachos from a snack shack, i want CHEESE SAUCE. CHEESE. SAUCE. i don't want shredded cheese. i don't want stupid cheese that tastes like crap when you melt it. i want fake cheese that comes in a can, that you heat up, and drip all over my chips.

see, that's what nachos are.

they are unhealthy chips, with an even unhealthier cheese like substance drenched all over it. and that's how i like my nachos. that how most kids like their nacho's. that's what the world expects when you ask for nachos at a snack bar! am i right, or am i right?!?!?! (or maybe i'm just a nacho nazi?)

i think the worst part was that the person working in the snack shack.... she actually told me that if they sold the nachos with that cheese sauce in a can, she'd have to pass out cholesterol pills with each one. seriously? and then she went on some rant about how the cheese in a can is SO BAD for you.. and that the real cheese is so much better.. blah blah, who gives a shit?!?!

shouldn't that be my choice? shouldn't i get to decide how i want my nachos? i mean, i appreciate the concern and all.. but.. wait. no i don't. actually, i don't appreciate the concern. not at all.

and in all honesty, if they're all so concerned about selling things that are good for you, and not putting bad stuff in your bodies.... then why the hell are they selling soda's and candy bars???? oh yeah, cause shit loads of sugar is totally acceptable. kids can eat candy, bubble gum, chips, ice cream, and wash all that shit down with a sugar filled soda... but heaven forbid they eat fake cheese!!!!!!

oh well, that's what taco bell is for. i love taco bell. LONG LIVE CHEESE SAUCE!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cheese sauce rules!

Jill said...

And with two EXTRA squirts of cheese sauce, Taco Bell Nacho's Grande ROCKS!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should volunteer to sell your WONDERFUL cupcakes to ward off the yukky nachos!


Courtney in FL said...


Karen said...

That is the stupidest thing i've heard today. And I hear stupid shit all day long. It can't last. No one wants shredded cheese on their chips for nacho's. Lame.

Anonymous said...

Well, this isn't about Nachos (but...go Nachos! LOL).
When I read about the following, thought of your cupcakes & maybe it might be an interesting read for you. (?)
(Or maybe not? Oh well, I'll send this anyway.)

It's about Disney World selling cupcakes.

Disney Land should totally start selling Phat Bottoms. Then everyone could try 'em out.