Thursday, February 10, 2011

more pics from arizona

here are some more pics.. just cause they're fun! and they make me happy! by the way, if you ever go to the phoenix open and they tell you to leave your cell phone in your car because they will make you walk 10 miles back to it and stuff.. THEY ARE LYING. hide that shit in your bra. or stuff it in your panties. cause they do NOT search you. no pat downs. they only thing they do is go through any bags or purses.

i was pissed i didn't have my phone because that meant i couldn't take any pictures. and that crazy parade was worthy of some pics!

oh well, here are some pics we DID take! :)

we shopped in barney's (actually, i did my best just not to accidentally run into anything and break it) and then we had a drink in the bar upstairs!
teri, ster, kerry, susan

there are also numerous pictures of me trying on all sorts of bra's from victoria's secret that i'm half tempted to post. see, there is this new bra there that gives you TWO cup sizes. and i thought it was hilarious, and awesome to be all boob-tastic. so you know, i took a bunch of pics of my now enormous (albeit totally fake) boobs and sent them to boyfriend. and then i bought the bra... which i now HATE because frankly, i look weird as hell with big boobs. i don't prefer my butt being balanced out AT ALL. i like having the ass all big and the chest all small. sorry kids, i guess i like the fucked up way i'm built. HA!!! eh, what the hell. i can post these- it's just like a bathing suit. NOW you're talking. i think i'd rather have false advertising like this in a bathing suit, not under my clothes!!! get on it VS. i'd totally wear a 2 cup sizes full of whatever on the beach. holla!

moving on from the dressing room to the BATHROOM! i make us take these everywhere we go. it's tradition! (someone remind these bitches they're lucky i don't make them JUMP! ha)
selfie in the bathroom.. ha

and now to posing against the wall. this is one of my favorite pics from the weekend. i love me some susan! :)
love the laughing!

susan & ster

and then this random guy pulled out his cell phone and took a picture of us, while we were posing for a picture with my camera. so i ran up to him and grabbed his phone and text messaged the picture to myself. lol please note how i'm the only one looking at the random cell phone dude. i'm such a pro
um.. some dude

out at the marriott..which was totally dead, so we bailed and then danced for hours. literally. and that is where some guy danced with me even after i told him i was married about 6 times. on the 7th time, he finally processed it and abandoned me on the dance floor. but not before telling me it was BECAUSE i was married. douchebag.

that's it for now! i'm sure my fantastic boobs will hold you over until next time. :)


Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

LOL I miss you. And yes they're lucky they didn't have to jump :)

that bra makes your boobs look rockin!

SUEB0B said...

I work with people in the south and they are the total opposite of Arizona women. If you compliment them they say "Well, thank yeeeew. You are SO sweet! How nice!" They know how to play it up.