Monday, February 07, 2011

ladies, is it really that difficult...

to be nice????

i just got back from my annual girls trip to arizona. of course we all had an amazing and incredible time.. but we were all shocked and blown away by the sheer number of times that guys (of all ages mind you) told us... how NICE we all were.

"i can't get over how nice you all are. so pretty AND still so nice."
end of the night group shot!

i'm sure that everytime a guy said that to me, i must have had the most idiotic look on my face. because um... DUR. of course we're pretty AND nice. why the hell wouldn't we be???

but then i realized that the girls in arizona are really kind of bitchy. (sorry ladies, but it's true. you all should really get your act together cause bitchiness is a real turn off.) and not only are the girls bitchy to guys.... but they were bitchy to all of us as well. for example, there were these 2 girls that were so stunningly eye catching at this bar one night. one of their boyfriends introduced me to them and i told them how beautiful they were and they looked at me and just said "mmm -hmmm" and then looked away. i wanted to punch that C U Next Tuesday right in her stupid mouth. who does that? oh right, it's really, really, really difficult to tell another girl (of all people!!!!!) THANK YOU for the compliment. another example was when we were at fro yo one day... my gf complimented this stupid hag on her cute shoes. and that woman just looked at her and did the same short half smile with some grunty noise, before continuing to walk out the door.


and before you say something like how it's your defense mechanism and you can't be nice to every single person who pays you a compliment or some bullshit like that, let me tell you that i know how douchey guys at bars and clubs can be. i know how douchey guys can be in general. and it's one thing if the guy deserves for you to be a bitch at them... because he's being a pig, or just trying to get laid, or becomes a completely disrespectful piece of shit once he realizes that there's no way you're going with him. then by all means, turn the bitch factor up a few hundred levels. cause he's basically begging for it.

but when the guy just says hi. or gives you a compliment... why would you be rude? is it really that hard to just tell someone thank you, even if you don't find them attractive? not to be mean, but this overweight guy with half his teeth chipped had the balls to come up and talk to me one night at a bar. he just wanted to tell me that i had a fantastic ass. (i love my ass) but what do you think i did? do you think i said "mm-hmm" and then walked away? do you think i was a bitch because he wasn't cute and my teeth fetish was on error overload from all the chipping?

i told him thank you. i told him that i appreciated his honesty. i introduced myself to him and all of his friends. i shook their hands. i gave them big smiles. and then i walked away. and when i saw them around the bar any other time, i would smile or say hi. cause it's really not that hard to just be nice to other people.

and i don't care how pretty you are. i don't care if you're drop dead gorgeous, and that's the only compliment you ever get and you get it three thousand times a day. you can still say fucking thank you to every single person who gives it to you.

ladies, you don't have to be bitchy. you don't have to be rude. you have to be a stuck up snob. there is a way to be pretty, or cute, or beautiful, and still a decent and kind human being.

maybe if you're less of a bitch, you'll laugh more. cause us? non-stop, happy, laugher faces.

work on it.



sooc laugher faces


Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

agreed on SO MANY LEVELS. I think it's SO rude when someone pays you a compliment and you're a rude bitch back. who the hell told you you were god and had the right, you know? ugh. now when a guy is hitting and hitting on me or i KNOW he's only telling me i'm pretty because he wants to get in my pants, then i'm a total bitch back. just don't have the patience or time for it. but if he nicely comes up to me and says excuse me but i just have to tell you yadda yadda...i respect that way more and always say thanks.

btw you KNOW you're hot and i'm glad you're not a bitch about it. your friends are super cute and they look like fun too. makes me MISS YOU.

laurie said...

This makes me so want to be in your group and be one of your friends! You are so right and so sweet. I hate all the girl on girl hating that is SO rampant and so hard. I have no idea why we find it so hard to be nice to one another. Thanks for this!

Alison said...

This is how women are. Another reason why I won't be going to our reunion. Who needs it?

Annie said...

UGH ! I live in the Phoenix area, and I could not agree more. High maintanace Snottsdale women are the worst....