Monday, February 28, 2011

just in case you forgot or something...

just wanted to mention that it has almost been ONE FULL YEAR since i have been unemployed. and that means that it has almost been ONE FULL YEAR since we have filled out numerous stacks of paperwork, dealt with a million phone calls, fifty thousand different answers, rejections, refiles, we've lost all your paperwork- send it all again, updated bank statements, yes i'm STILL unemployed (thanks for the reminder asshole), no contact numbers to reach anyone WHEN you have a question, we will get you an answer within 30 days- we've heard that one about 3 times now, TO TRY AND GET OUR MOTHER F'N HOME LOAN MODIFIED.

bank of america, you disappoint me on a daily basis. i don't know how long we're supposed to wait until you give us a fucking answer. i mean, is it really that difficult to see that we need financial help? i've been unemployed for a year now. um, this has CLEARLY affected our monthly income.

but no, it's cool that you don't give a shit. i'm sure it's because we keep paying our stupid mortgage. i'm sure you don't think we need help. if they needed help, then they would default on their loan.

i just don't understand how something like this could take a full TWELVE months to process. when they said that longest it would take was 90 days.

it is sincerely no wonder that we are all in such disarray..... such chaos when it comes to our homes and losing them. this business is ridiculous. and the most unhelpful that i have ever encountered before.

seriously- makes me never want to own a home again. don't see the point in all the stress.


nancy said...

my hubby has been out of work over 2 years at this point and we have had problems with our mortgage company as well. my hubby and i have a home loan from chase they are just as bad. we switched home owners insurance carriers this year. i called chase with the new company name and account info made sure the escrow department had all the info 2 months before the bills arrived told them DO NOT PAY CANCELED COMPANY'S bill if they send one. of course chase paid both bills and screwed up the escrow jacking our mortgage up $110.00 a month. got the money back sent payment to the escrow department and they never bother to adjust the bill like i was told they would automaticly do when they got the payment. 4 months of frustration and yelling to fix there mistake. can't wait for hubby to get a job so we can get a new company.

MP said...

OMG I am doing the SAME exact thing with BOA.. and they suck so bad. They have been doing a loan modification for a YEAR and then sent out a packet asking for all of the information OVER again.. seriously??? I was like.. do I go to the back of the line again??? They are like NO but something may have changed.. WTF?? Either take the damn house so I can move on with my life or work with me.. SO frustrating.