Thursday, February 24, 2011

feelin' good

i am still feeling totally awesome after my burn & release event the other day! there have been times since that day when my past experience has come up- and guess what? THE KNOT that lived inside me.... EXISTS NO MORE! my chest and stomach don't tighten up anymore, and i don't feel filled with rage when i speak of people whom i do not like. it's kind of just... what is. but it no longer fills me.

and i am so grateful!!!!!!!

yay for letting go! yay for doing an act and having that really help. :)

i'm shooting some sexy boudoir pictures today for a girlfriend. i've never shot them before, so i'm extremely happy that my first time (ha) is with someone i know (double ha). is all redesigned and ready for launch! :) if you haven't been over to my main website in some time, do me a favor and check it out!

i have seperate sites for everything i'm working on now.. photography, cupcakes, my bookS, and this here blog! it's a lot of really awesome and positive things swirling around me.

and i'll take it!

um, it's girl scout cookie time. maybe they have a season? like football season, or baseball season?? well it's girl scout cookie season. what the hell is it about those dang cookies that make them so good?! is it because they only come once a year (triple ha)?! all i know is that i can't stop freaking eating frozen thin mints. there is no point trying to resist. so i give in. CAUSE THEY ARE SO DANG GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! and, they did something new this year. instead of having us order and then wait not so patiently for a bazillion weeks before the stupid cannot resist cookies even came in...... you ordered and got them right away! no more waiting! my ass and thighs thank you, girl scouts of america!

that's it for now! hope y'all are doing great.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm. Thin Mints! :)