Wednesday, February 16, 2011

okay, i'm not a HUGE ice cream fan. i mean, i do love me some peanut butter and chocolate ice cream from baskin robbins, but it's not even the ice cream i like. i just like the swirls of peanut butter in there and it's pretty much all i eat. boyfriend will open the top and there it all sits, a ton of chocolate ice cream with no peanut butter chunks to be found.

i'm selfish that way.

but not too long ago i tried this ice cream right here. three twins organice ice cream.

and holy crap, my mouth exploded from all the goodness!!!!! that freaking ice cream was LITERALLY, the best ice cream i'd ever tasted in my life. i never even knew ice cream could taste like that. the flavors... the vanilla.. the chocolate chips.. THE VANILLA!!!! omg, they were just so pure and so rich, but not overwhelming sweet. it was what i imagine heaven would taste like.. if heaven's clouds were made of vanilla ice cream.

i have no idea if this ice cream is sold where you live. i have no idea if this ice cream is even sold where i live. ha! but if it is, you have to look for it. you have to try it. trust me. your mouth will thank you. and you'll never want any other kind of ice cream again.

this post was brought to you by my ass.. which is currently growing as i stuff my face with their cookies & cream flavor. if i could die from vanilla goodness, this would certainly do the trick.

what's your favorite ice cream?


Alison said...

From Coldstone, coffee ice cream or mint ice cream, both with Oreo mixed in. From Baskin Robbins, peanut butter and chocolate. From the store, Haagen Dazs (how do you spell that?) coffee. LOL, I love ice cream!!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my god, of course you post about ice cream when I'm on a diet! Oh absolute favorite ice cream is chocolate peanut butter at baskin robbins.

damn you!

Anonymous said...

Um, not about ice cream, but thought I'd share this with you:

I guess it's too late to
enter. :(

But I thought of you when I
saw all these cupcakes. :)

Lexi said...

I know someone that works there and it is the best ice cream ever!!!I love the name of it too!!!