Wednesday, February 02, 2011

20 year high school reunion?!?!


when the fuck did i get old enough to be coming up on my TWENTY YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION?!?!?!!? we all know i don't look my age (thank the goddess). and lord knows i certainly don't freaking act my age. and sometimes when i'm in a room full of grown ups and teenagers, i'd way rather hang out with the teens. probably because i seriously am 17 years old at heart. and mostly because i think i have more in common with them. we watch the same shows, listen to the same music, read the same books, etc. but let's not get it twisted- when it comes to deep and soulful conversations, i'm not having those with any teenagers. they simply haven't lived enough yet to relate to things that only those with some years under their belt have. life experience is a gift.

but yeah. 20 years. the funny thing about reunions now, is that there almost isn't a point. i mean, everyone and their dog (literally. i am friends with 2 of my friends dogs) are on facebook. so it's not like you don't know what all your classmates are up to, who they married, if they have kids, what they look like, etc. where's the surprise in going to the reunion anymore? what's the point?

no really. what is the point? i mean, back before facebook, maybe that was the only time you saw everyone from high school and had the chance to catch up. but now- everyone knows everything about everyone. granted, i haven't seen 95% of the people i went to high school with in probably 20 years. but i don't feel like i need too. i mean, THEY'RE ON FACEBOOK.

*logs in to facebook*

there. now i've seen them.

omg, this is how it all starts. people stop going out and seeing anyone in real life because they can see them on their computer. eventually we'll all stop talking to eachother and everyone will have online viewing parties. the reunions of the future will be one big fucking webcast!!!

holy shit, what if we evolve to having no voice? what if we eventually have like 20 fingers or some shit so that we can text and type like crazy to people?! i mean, if we never have in person, or telephone calls with people again??!?!?!?


facebook= the demise of society as we know it. way to go zuckerberg.

i guess i'll go to my reunion ... IN PERSON. although i'll completely deny that i'm old enough to be there.


Anonymous said...

You do not look old enough to have a 12 year old. How's that? ;o)

Jax said...

I've heard the 20 year is actually the best reunion b/c people just want to go and have fun, but arent as worried about impressing everyone like at the 10 year Judging from my 10 year, I hope the people who say that are right. :)

Alison said...

You'll have to share all the gossip with me because I am not going. Nope, I'm not. Didn't like the scene then, won't like it now. So there!

Anonymous said...

you are NOT old enough to have a 20year high school reunion. you're welcome.


Grand Pooba said...

Ok are you serious? You're not joking? Are you sure you didn't mean your 10 year reunion?

Wow, you are amazazing!