Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the publishing wars

since i have written my first book (www.j-sterling.com) and i have every intention to continue writing.. i have become increasingly interested in traditional publishing (trying to interest a agent enough to sign you and then having them convince a publishing house it's good enough to print) vs self publishing (basically exactly what it sounds like...doing it yourself).

i came upon some heated debates from authors who have been published, but claim they would never go that route again. they are now self publishing and they see more profits, but they also keep their rights to what they wrote.

since this is something i am just starting to really research the pro's and con's about....i was wondering if you had any insight?

i mean, i think for me i am trying to go the traditional route because that's what you're supposed to do.. and in all honesty, i'm probably also doing it that way cause it's harder. way.harder. but in the end, if i cant get someone to give me a shot, i will self publish. cause i want my story and my characters out there, and that can't happen if they're not published in any format.

so my question is for all of you who have kindles and e-readers.... how do you choose books to buy? how do you browse for books? do you read titles and authors you've never heard of before? i just want some insight cause i dont have an ereader so i don't get how they list books and stuff.

and if you wrote a book and wanted it published... what would you do?
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Bookworm! said...

I dont have a kindle or e-reader or any other sort of electronic book....I just read mine the old fashioned way. :)
But I just thought I'd tell you how I choose my books, in case it interests you.

I usually browse in a favorite genre (either online or at the good ol' bookstore) and look for authors I know (I've read before). Sometimes I just see a neat cover and pick it up to see what it's about. If it sounds good, I'll get it. Sometimes if I like the title, I'll pick it up to check it out. Again, if it sounds like I'd like it or be interested in it, I'll get it. I've found
some pretty good/interesting books that way. And if I see a book review and it (everybody now) sounds good (LOL) I'll read the first couple pages or so to see if I want to buy it.

Not sure if that helps you any at all, or you're just plain bored by now....but that's my 2 + cents worth. :)

P.S. I thought about you & your book writing yesterday when I was browsing through one of those freebie mags (Bookspot? I'm not sure if that's the name) they have at the bookstore. There was a question/answer column about writing and one of them had something to do about getting published. (brain fog now. can't remember!) I'll look at it again and post it here, if you'd like?

Sorry so long!

j.ster said...

ah fucking WAH! i wrote a comment to you, but screwed up somewhere along the way and lost it. lol

but i said YES, i'd love any info you could find. and thank you for thinking of me! :) and i'm so curious how the e-readers work... does it show recently uploaded book titles? but if hundreds of new books are being uploaded everyday, how does your book not get lost in the shuffle? thinking about all of this gives me a headache. lol

and i do the same thing in bookstores.. walk to the genre i'm interested in. and i look for interesting titles and then read the back. or if i see a cover i think its so freaking pretty, i'll read what the book is about. :) i guess i just reminded myself the IMPORTANCE OF MY BOOK COVERS! :)

Alison said...

I like actual books too, not the electronic versions. The smell, I can't get over the smell. Anyway, I either buy authors I know and love, or I look at the "new release" sections of Target or Barnes and Noble. Would they put anyone's book there or just the more popular authors? I've seen some there that I don't always recognize. Also, isn't your book going to be geared toward young adults? I see the kids in my class reading all different authors...the girls like the books about girls, drama, high school, etc. Have you tried Scholastic? Sorry if that's a ridiculous question but I have NO idea how this publishing thing works. Good luck to you!!

Bookworm! said...

Ok, the name of the freebie from the bookstore is BookPage (not Bookspot like I previously said. duh!) and it was in the August 2010 issue.

But, ack! I guess the archives on their website start at 2009 & back. No 2010s! :(

So while I don't have the actual column right now that I read (it's at home), here's the link from their website to the Q&A column about writing & authors & stuff. At the bottom, there's an email where you can send questions to the column.


When I get home tonight, I'll get the info (from the Aug 2010 one I read) & post that info.

Hope this helps :)

Bookworm! said...

Here's the info from the August 2010 BookPage:

Job fairs help people meet potential employers.
Are there similiar events that enable aspiring writers to make acquaintances with literary

Many writers' conferences provide opportunities for authors to meet literary agents and editors.
Some feature an event called "speed dating for agents,"
where you get to pitch your manuscript or idea to half a dozen agents or more, in the space of an hour or so.
Writers' conferences can be expensive, but if cost is an issue, see if you can volunteer in return for an opportunity to attend. A good resource for finding writer's conferences is available at writersconf.org.