Monday, January 24, 2011

okay. really.

this whole website redesign thing is getting ridiculous. lol my eyes.. they hurt people. like i want to put ice packs on them everynight. or cucumbers? cause what if all this designing is giving me EYE WRINKLES! i don't need to LOOK old!!!!!

i have been busting my ass, and working pretty much day and night on all of these sites. my author/writing website is FINALLY completed! as of late friday night, i could not be happier with how pretty and rad the website looks! do me a favor and check it out? and thanks!!!

next on the list? my super delicious and fastactically yummy cupcakes!!!! just a few more changes to the main navigation and that will be all updated and cute and fun!

i need to work on the blog here a little bit (have you noticed the banner looks like it's on a crash diet?!) yeah. resizing is a bitch.

so that's why i haven't been here. or anywhere. because i can't step away from my laptop long enough to STOP.DESIGNING.BUTTONS (boyfriend is going to hurt someone if he hears me talk about these flipping "buttons" one more time). is what i'm about to work on RIGHT AFTER I HIT PUBLISH on this post. so then... everything should be up and running (including a nifty new photography section)! which is exciting! because clearly, i can't get a real job, so i'm going to do my damndest to try to get paid doing all the things i really enjoy doing for people. :) what makes a better life than that really? doing things you like doing. and not just doing ONE thing, but doing all the things you're good at? all the things you love? i'm really excited at all the possibilities. i'll be even more excited if they all start bringing in money to live off of. lol



A said...

Checked out both websites.
Love it! and Love it! :)
Love the font.

And purple red velvet cupcakes?
I love purple!
(and now I'm hungry.)

Best wishes on all your endeavors!
Hope you have success with all. :)

Anonymous said...

have you ever watched Cupcake Wars on the Food Network?

you should totally go on that show! :)

ster said...

thank you!!!!!! i didn't get as much done today as i wanted too.. but it's all still coming along! :)